Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old Galvanized Bucket

I like "industrial" looking things for decoration inside and out; working on two containers this week and this one I completed today.

Using a coffee can; mixed some water putty to harden around the branches clipped off the tree;  adds stability and weight to the container when I take it outside on the porch.

Above:  I recently bought this metal toolbox for $5.00~~I may fill this one with mums and pumpkins.
Remember my awesome $3.00 purchase of that big roll of jute?  ~~~it makes wonderful, textured bows just perfect for autumn decorating.

Tip:  outdoor bows will hold up wonderfully in your containers if you nail (I used heavy~duty staples) to wooden paint sticks. 

Added some faux berries, pumpkins and a huge pine cone; some pretty leaves.  I might just keep this inside~~

Joining these parties this week~~