Thursday, May 28, 2015

Herb Pots

This is my mini~herb center.  I snip for cooking, dry in little bundles to store in glass containers; so pretty in small jars~~

Above; in a large clay pot I have off to the side elevated with a portion of old brick; this holds a smaller pot of Rosemary~~

My first time using a strawberry pot; free plants found along the shed (thank you feathered friends;) and though I may not get a bounty of berries, I love how sweet this jar looks among the potted herbs.

A great way to hide an ugly metal post: using vine trellis; cannot see the Moon flowers just now sprouting~~they will grow fast and will fill in this little area; pretty white blooms that appear at dusk; such a nice treat to the garden in evening time~~

Above to the left;  purple Liatris are the spiky looking plants grown from bulbs~~by mid summer they should bloom tall and will look pretty next to the white Moon flower vine~~

Salvage plants put in little pots; these were eaten almost down to nubs by the rabbits and/or squirrels!  May have been a sweet blessing in disguise as they fill up this little spot of the old wood table on the deck~~

Maybe the rabbits won't jump up here~~not holding my breath on the squirrels ;)

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Old Bricks

Love old bricks; I can always find a sweet garden spot for them.

I'm still working on some color for the shade garden; summer flowers just beginning to fill in the bare spots.

~~and I have to deal with the rabbits and squirrels constantly~~

~~a handy place to keep the garden tools~~

My "No. 13" bucket is just perfect for holding my weed pickings ;)

Next is the mortar mix in between the bricks; I think it adds more cottage charm and helps keep weeds from poking through.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Orphaned Vintage Drawers

There were four orphaned drawers at our local resale shop for $3.00 each;

I love the label openings of the metal pulls and used my little stampers on vintage paper.

Have a great day with many blessings.  ~patty~

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vintage Tool Box and Old Frames

Where I have my booths for resale of junk goodness/vintage adored~~another vendor was selling this adorable grain sack "Feed the Children of the World" which has been framed~~maybe it belonged to someone who participated in this cause~~

anyhow; it came home with me and sits on my bookshelf.

At a local junk store; these three frames/prints were very cheap in price.  I'm keeping Jesus with the lambs for my personal collection~~

The gold frame I will paint~~not so sure about the peace-pipe depiction; but removing it from it's frame.  Old frames sell pretty fast for me; lucky to nab onto some fabulous looking ones recently for just a few dollars each!

~~this big tool caddy was $5.00~~I can see potential with this painted;  a nice piece to put on the porch for seasonal decorations:  pumpkins and leaves.  Winter time:  holly berry branches, yew branches with a sprinkle of white lights.

~It's very "fall-ish" here today; so somber and quiet; I notice some leaves on the trees starting to turn just a bit in color; already!  

Have a great day with many Blessings!  ~patty~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good Junk Day!

All this goodness for under $15.00~~which includes "attached" wooden crates in last photo~~

This home~made wooden caddy filled with nails, washers, old wire, etc~~

~~sweet 3~arm wooden towel rack~~I wanted this for an old kitchen island I'm "redesigning" from an old sewing machine cabinet~~

~~$2.00 for the wooden magazine rack; already on the painting tarp with a stencil job on the front panel~~

I only show one of these drawers; but, I got 4 of them!  

~~and 5 wooden crates all attached to each other with screws~~I'll be taking those apart and selling individually~~some I will attach chunky little legs~~

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my junk!  

Have a great day with many Blessings~~~~patty

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Raspberry Pink and Barkcloth

I'm still having a love affair with barkcloth; especially with darker pinks; vibrant greens~~I still want to make huge throw pillows for the daybed.  I still want a little color with old fashioned roses in my very own room where I create; where I just like to go to be alone sometimes~~

There's just enough pretty blue in this piece of vintage fabric; I'm thinking blue ticking for the back side of pillows~~still thinking~~

Somewhere along the path I had lost touch with prettier fabrics for the roughness~look of burlap and French stripes~~I'm starting to want something a bit different for myself in my own little hide~away~~

Do you sometimes feel that way~~like you just want to be different and change up the style and colors?  I think this lovely, vintage piece of fabric did that to me~~

Have a great and Blessed day.  ~Patty~

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Little Ladder

I had some really cute junk finds this week so far; rain is coming pretty quickly so snapped just this darling little ladder and a few garden shots~~

I may put this in my laundry room~~

~~rabbits have almost eaten all my petunias; there's hardly any left in this corner garden!

Maybe some sunshine tomorrow; I want to post my other treasures and show you the best deal I got on wooden crates and a large tool caddy~~

Have a great day with many Blessings.   ~Patty~