Monday, March 3, 2014

Paintin' Up Easter Eggs

Good Monday!  Are you busy with home projects this week?  I've got my painting pieces lined up and decided to get at least three furniture~type projects done for the booths before Wednesday~~and take some Easter items too~~

Did manage to get one little table done (used to be an old sewing machine cabinet)~~stenciled on some French wording and added a glass knob for a "faux~drawer" look~~

~~painted up some huge plastics eggs from the dollar store (and some smaller ones)~~added reproductions of old Easter cards I have on hand~~mod~podged; used some tea~stained trims around the eggs "seams"~~

I have recently found many metal baskets on the very cheap~~my plans were to add Easter grass (or the brown shredded paper shown)~~and add some pink or white vintage ladies dress gloves~~

I have more eggs to show you later on; some painted wooden trays and metal cans.
~~Have a great week; I'm going to finish my cup of tea and see what you're up to~~clean my house a bit and start those projects!  Blessings~~Patty

Friday, February 7, 2014

Junk Finds and Painted Containers

Hey!  Hope you're having a great Friday; are you having big plans for the weekend?  Projects?  Maybe just some quiet time?  I'm planning on painting and working ahead on some Easter projects for the booths.

This is our very special Valentine in the framed picture!

~~found 3 red books and s/p birdies in pure white to make my Valentine decor complete;  Yep~~this is it.
Hope you don't think I went "overboard"~~~

~~a cute (probably reproduction) metal laundry sign and two ironstone platters~~

~~this adorable wooden bunny basket (getting a white paint job this weekend)~~

~~I'm thinking of adding a large wood trim work around this cute sign~~

~~and I found another wooden cheese container on the very, very cheap~~and some eggs to decorate with~~

~~I painted up one of the biggest wooden containers this week and added a stencil to the front~~

Here's the result~~and going to the booths today.  It's only going to be 17 degrees out; so I'm getting it done and getting back inside; even our pups get their "business" done a lot quicker during this terribly cold weather!

I love it when you stop by; tell me what you're up to these days~~hope you have a fabulous weekend!



Thursday, February 6, 2014

ReStore Remake $5.00 Chair

I've been putting off some of my older projects for too long; this 1980's desk chair was bought for 5.00 last year (or year before??)~~

Below in the background you can see the 'before' picture~~

I used some home~made chalk paint which really bonds so well over the metal portion on the bottom.

~~and my buddy had to be in the picture at one point; the look you are seeing from him is my telling him "don't even think about it"~~he was sizing up the chair.   

It's barely above zero here today; but, tomorrow "heat wave" possibly up in the 20's so will take the chair and other items to the booths~~I really want to go today!

I used some left over chevron fabric and added a purchased  pillow to match for back comfort~~

Oh~~had to show you my old drawer project~~painted her white with a partial stencil to both sides~~cut some little square "feet" and screwed in from the top~~

I "was" going to sell this also; but love it so much I decided to keep it awhile~~~

Tomorrow will post my junk pickings from a few days ago;  

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day and many blessings!  ~patty~

Here's a lovely party to join~~


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Basket and Cork Coasters Projects

Hey!  Are you enduring the cold weather with some great projects?  Or are you a lucky west/southern coastal person who has some warmth and sunshine?  I believe there is 40 some days til SPRING!    I love baskets~~here is my latest little project~~

~~bought these nifty French~looking cork coasters from H&M~~thought they would look really cute on baskets and boxes; or maybe dangled from bottles~~

This oval basket I use in my kitchen for a collection of printed towels and napkins~~

Hope you're having a great day and catching some inspiration no matter where you go; 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Make a Dress Form on the Cheap

Here's a quick way to do a dressform; ideal for booths to display vintage clothing; I use mine to sell blue~jean jackets;  

But, everyone wants to buy the dressform too!  Using a basic plastic form (has the hollow back) and modpodged different papers onto the front;  use an old floor lamp as the base and attach with screw type finial~~

The burlap ribbon helps to secure the body so it doesn't move/flop side to side~~

You can buy the dressforms online or through ebay sellers~~

What do you think?  Great idea to boost your sales for clothing and would be fabulous covered with just plain burlap, printed cloth, chalkboard paint!  I find those old floor lamps everywhere on the cheap; keep your eye open for those.  Have a great week!   ~patty~

Monday, January 6, 2014

Old Pickle Jar Projects

It's been awhile!  Been doing a lot of projects and having GRANDBABIES!   There is nothing in this world greater than being a wife and mom and then comes those darling, sweet grandchildren.  I cry sweet, happy tears~~~I've waited and waited and waited.  Thanks Kids!

Been fluffing a few new pillows here and there~~

Found these awesome napkins from H&M and thought of a cute kitchen project using the napkin as a pattern~~

What is so unique about these napkins is that each four corners have the same printed design!  I copied onto paper from my printer and cut on the portion I wanted;  mod~podged to some old pickle and jam jars~~

~~added little red handles from left over trim and wired around the jar with some twine (held in place very securely with a bit of hot glue); 

I'll just call them my Kitchen Utility Jars:  will look cute holding silverware, wooden utensils, etc.
Lots of cold here today and way too much snow~~
Hope you're keeping warm and the projects going!
Thanks for being here~~Blessings,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Frog Tape and an Old Leather Suitcase

I'm probably the last person in blog~land to use Frog Tape.  I'm really impressed with it's ability to give clean lines (even when I rearranged the tape several times before painting)~~

I'm going to try this on fabric also~~it's a bit more expensive than regular painters tape, but well worth the results~~

~~got a new stencil to show off onto this old leather suitcase~~

~~just a bit more distressing to do (after getting the "clean lines")~~
gotta make it look more vintage because the stripes look too new (well, they are of course)~~

Have you tried this tape on fabric and how did it stand up to the job for you?
Hope you're making it a great week~~thanks for stopping by and wishing you many blessings!
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