Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spice and Knack Shelves

Somewhere in my past posts I showed the "before" pic. of this cute wooden spice rack;  bought on the very, very cheap because it had no little spice bottles to go with it~~

I knew someday I'd use these wood appliques for a project~~

Taking some "smalls" to the booths this next week and trying to start the Easter vignettes~~I hope to take some pics of my tiny little spaces at the antique mall~~I've been on a waiting list for a much bigger space; for now I rent two booths~~

Small shelves "painted up" seem to sell better than left in their original condition~~

I try to vignette some ideas for customers~~

This aqua shelf  I've had for over a year; selfishly keeping it for just me~~but, I'm taking it to the shop next week in hopes someone else loves the paint color as much as I do~~

I really love this color!

Have a great week!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hobby, Walmart and the Thrift Shop

It was a fabulous thrifting day (yesterday)~~but, first I have to show my new love from Hobby~~this gorgeous silk was 1/2 off last week~~I wanted something similar to an olive branch/bush~~this comes pretty close~~

So, yesterday was thriftin' day~~I instantly fell in love with these two glass vases with woven bottoms~~and only $2.00 each~~I'm thinking of staining them a tad darker~~maybe paint on a number~~

~~wire rack, old clay pot saucers, a little floral picture complete with rusty metal frame,  aqua bale~wire jar and some little glass votives~~

I'm getting out the E6000 to glue the votives as a base to some other glass dishes~~like this~~

~~and I may use some looking glass paint to them for the appearance of mercury glass.

And in the container/homegoods section of Walmart~~Ohhh~~had to get this $5.00 large ceramic container~~perfect to hold a plant on top my fridge. 

And~~it's usually this time of the year (every year) I get the urge to buy a house plant of some description~~maybe it's the yearning for warm, spring air and to be outside again??  Are you ready to pot a plant or two? 

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picnic Basket

Yes, another "Paris Flea Market"~~I use this stencil a lot~~it's a big stencil which fits onto larger objects needing "Frenched~Up"~~

 (like this old picnic basket I brought home from the shop because it hasn't sold~~poor old thing has sat in my little booth for about 6 months)~~~

This is an experiment to see if NOW it will go home with someone~~don't these old baskets make great storage?  I sometimes think my customers look past the "potential" of items~~(I must convince them this is going to their house;)~~

~~And~~I have two other picnic baskets still at the shop which are smaller~~(yes~~I'm going to paint them too and do something a bit different this time around)~~

Do you think sometimes customers need "the vision"?  I really do, because I can view your blogs and say to myself "why didn't I think of that!"~~~"what a fabulous idea"~~~etc.~~~

I'll let you know if the basket finally finds a home; sharing my thoughts with you here at these parties:




Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rehabing Candlesticks and Cheese Servers

Very bad habit of mine: a drawer full of wooden candlesticks bought at resale shops:  below are some of my projects this week for the booth at the local antique mall~~

filling in the tops with Rock Hard so that I can screw or glue for a flat surface when I add plates, pans, etc~~

This one I so love the best~~a little distressed aqua with black/white and an old cake pan for the top~~

~~This little one has a small container with lid~~cute to hold desk supplies~~

The china plate very secure with E6000 glue~~

Now~~here's those cheese servers~~you see these all the time I'm sure at the resale shops;  after painting them up as "cloches", they sell very well for me at the shop~~

Here's the "before"~~

A little white paint, stencil and distressing~~

Here's one with the bottom wooden part of the cheese server screwed onto a taller candlestick~~painted white, stencil, distressed~~

So simple I know~~these always sell quickly and make nice fillers at the shop; takes little time to put together. 

Have a great week and see you at these parties~~