Friday, June 29, 2012

Jelly Glasses and Wire

Hey!  How's everyone today?  HOT?  yes~~very much so here today.

I found two old parts from sewing machine; the wooden drawer holders I believe; and added some wire hardware to the back~~(here's a pic. of the before "parts")~~

Love, love wire hardware cloth~~sort of makes these look "chic industrial"~~

~~and added my 25c jelly glasses with some wire; see the cute little lock and key added to one of them~~

So cute to hold cuttings from the garden, vines, herbs, flowers~~

Have a fabulous weekend~~I'm off to paint some more furniture for the booths~~and, oh my gosh~~I got this old cabinet for $5.00 and making it into a cute little kitchen island~~I can't wait to get started on it!

Stay cool and hydrated!  ~patty~

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Stool Makeover

Here's my $1.75 "what was I thinking" rolling ottoman/shelf thing~~

Below is the before:

I used home~made chalk paint; added decorative trim to the front; padding; and a
vintage feed sack for the top.

I bought two of those metal/wire baskets; I love it tucked into the shelving area:

A big wicker basket looks kinda cute too~~

Sorry for the bad pics; too hot to be outside and my lighting is terrible in this room today~~

Oh, when I brought this home dear husband thought I'd lost my mind; his comment was something to the effect that $1.75 was too much.  Ha!

I love a project (or twenty), don't you?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's 100 degrees here today!  Hauled in my loot from yesterday's thrifting and decided to take pictures in my junk room. 

See that chair in above pic?  They're rather small and very outdated~~but, for $4.00 each I bought two of them; they'll get a sweet paint job in the near future.

Two metal baskets also $4.00 each; two 25c wooden sewing machine drawer "parts", a metal wreath~~

and this poor looking rolling stool that is my next project (tonight)~~

and looky~~one of those baskets fits sweetly in there!  I bought the stool for $1.75.

Already painted this cute wicker basket my shade of aqua~~and some faux foilage for displays at my booths~~(love that coleus)~~

Those chairs are marked Ethan Allen on the bottom; needs a little wood glue to one of the rungs~~

I fell in love with these green/white/blue placemats; $4.00 for 4~~

But my favorite project are these sweet jelly glasses (25c each)~~

Using some wire for part of the project like this~~

I'll post later this week after I've painted up my stuff to show off those cute little glasses; aka vases.

Did you get out and find any bargains this week?  I'm off to see what you've been up to; then I'm painting up some stuff this evening.  Indoors!

Have a great week~~


Monday, June 25, 2012

Garden Jar

Out junking and found 3 big pickle jars for 25c each~~

~~added an old handle to the lid and painted it white~~

Taped off an oblong portion of the glass and painted white then added a photo copy of a roses bouquet onto "tissue wrapping paper"~~ then mod podged onto the white paint~~ scratched her up a bit to look antique-y~~

A sweet old jar to hold maybe some dried herbs like these~~

Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano or Sage~~

Here's one of my favorite plants; Artemesia Silver King~~talk about more for your money~~can be aggressive, but I love to get all those free plants and give away some too~~

Can get about 3 feet tall; a beautiful light gray plant~~so elegant and pretty.  A wonderful filler and grows fast.

Below; I transplanted these two little Artemesia's in front of the shed just this spring; look how they are filling out already~~

Nice photo of shed window sporting a big plastic bottle of window wash! 

My dressed-up bird-bath with wreath and flowers~~

Here's one of my hydrangea bushes finally getting some flower heads~~

This bush helps hide the ugly central air unit on this side of the house~~

~~My Mother's Day potted plant~~so pretty and huge!

A freebie curbside:
a broken bird-cage that will soon lose the bottom plastic portion and become a garden cloche~~or something.

Finishing up some old projects and junk hunting day is tomorrow~~I live for Tuesday's 'cause that seems to be my best day to find bargains before the weekend yardsales!