Thursday, August 23, 2012

Junk Finds & Paintin' Faux Pumpkins

They're everywhere right now.  Those poor cast off plastic pumpkins.  I bought a box of them for 25c each~~with a plan in mind to paint them and decorate my booths at the shop~~

~~Below: bought all three of these items for practically pennies~~painted them all a shiny black for a Halloween/fall theme~~

Below~~two large cake pans 1.50 each and an old wooden cow for 2.00~~

Spray painted the inside and out (the plastic pumpkins) with a "cheap" can of white spray paint from the Dollar Store~~then hand brushed on some thicker white paint~~
~~added a wooden "handle" with wire~~

~~and this big, orange 1976 Watkins tin (50c) has just the perfect fall colors!

There's that old wooden cow!  White~washed with a little paint and had to add a stencil effect~~

~~below the orange raffia type pumpkins (bought 3 of them) for 50c each at Salvation Army~~I like to tuck them in with my autumn arrangements~~

~~and you can't beat Walmart sunflowers by the bundles; a good deal for the money.

I'm off to see what you've been up to; thanks for stopping by~~


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Industrial Little Pantry

A few weeks ago I bought this metal file cabinet for under $2.00; it was tan colored with a dented hinged top; my original plan was to remove the lid, make a wooden tray to fit over the top~~

I already had painted it an aqua color and then~~

~~changed my mind and decided to add big stencil "pantry" to both sides and add some chunky metal handles painted dark brown to match the painted stencil and old metal rollers~~

I paid less than $2.00 for this cabinet at the Resale shop here locally~~

~~a great way to store potatoes, cutting boards, liters of soda, etc~~

~~and I'm so tempted to keep this one, but it's going to the booths for resale this week; I don't really have the kitchen space for it.

I'm off to junk shop today (pickin' out of town on the way to do an errand)~~I hope to find some awesome bargains to show off this week. 

Have a great day!  ~patty~

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Monday, August 20, 2012

$5.00 Ottoman ReMake

Hey; good Monday to everyone!  I just finished up this ottoman that I had bought earlier this spring at CC~~for under $5.00~~

Below is the before picture in her Tapestry glory~~

I purchased some awesome script fabric on-line that has a lovely dark gray background with all white alpha/numerical characters~~

I used some leftover Ben. Moore Paint for the base~~added some silver upholstery tacks~~

Absolutely no sewing involved~~sweet and easy!

Thanks for stopping by; I'm off to see what you've been up to.

Have a great week!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage Windows Project

Recently, bought some old windows for 1.00 and 2.00 each~~excited that I could find them this cheap~~regrets that I didn't buy them all!

I did snag up several tho'; different shapes and sizes:

~~and at my local junk shop, picked up this ornamental swag piece for 3.00 to use as a decorative header after painting it and the window with a fresh coat of white chalk paint~~

~~had to add some stencils~~and here's the finished project ready to go to the shop booths~~

~have a fun weekend and may the Junking Gods be with you~


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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old Drying Rack ~ Herb & Flower

Not really old, but made to look that way;

Here's my tray box I originally made to fit over a metal table and it didn't fit; so I made a drying rack/gathering tray.

Added some little hooks for drying herbs and flowers~~
and hardware wire to the back~~

Stencilled every which way on the boards to appear as though box was made of "vintage French boards"~~; )

~~a sweet gathering box/tray~~

Standing on it's side; ready to pretty up the counter or wall drying bundles of oregano, thyme, rosemary~~

~~the aroma is wonderful~~

Here's my small jars awaiting for more dried herbs~~

Lovely in the fall/winter for stews, soups, baked fish/chicken/pork~~

Much cheaper and so much better when you grow your own food~stuff~~

Thanks for stopping by~~have an awesome day!  I'm off to do a little painting on another project.


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Thursday, August 2, 2012

File Cabinet Side Table and Photo Wreath

My bad~~didn't get some before pics but in a hurry to restock the booths.  Here's my metal file cabinet a.k.a. side table; painted aqua. 

And~~I bought a set of glass cannisters for $5.00; repainted the lids and wood base white; added gray stenciled numbers; and two metal handles~~

So here's where I messed up~~

I removed the hinged lid top of the filing cabinet: going to make a tray~top from wood that will sit down on top of the metal structure (the idea is to use the top also as a tray and store items beneath it)
~~ HOWEVER~~not being a great carpenter~~my measurements were off just a tiny bit~~dang!

~~so on to "PLAN B"~~

I already restructured this wooden piece into something else (and I think it turned out so sweet~~will post it when I complete it)~~and since I goofed this up for the cabinet top~~having my husband cut more boards for me with "better measurements"~~

I'll post it when I get it all fixed up and corrected!  Now, I'm behind again with more projects related to goof~up!

You know those metal wreaths (found at craft stores)~~

I bought a used one on the very cheap; painted it and some clothes pins~~

Bought some vintage photos from Ebay for my displays at the booth; will use a couple of them on this metal wreath (a.k.a. unique industrial~looking photo holder ;)

Tomorrow will get started on the table~top~tray for the cabinet (have painted the metal rollers for the bottom too~~didn't picture those)~~I think it'll turn out okay; sometimes goofs turn into other projects for a good reason~~

Thanks for peeking in; I'm off to see what you've been up to!