Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Industrial Little Pantry

A few weeks ago I bought this metal file cabinet for under $2.00; it was tan colored with a dented hinged top; my original plan was to remove the lid, make a wooden tray to fit over the top~~

I already had painted it an aqua color and then~~

~~changed my mind and decided to add big stencil "pantry" to both sides and add some chunky metal handles painted dark brown to match the painted stencil and old metal rollers~~

I paid less than $2.00 for this cabinet at the Resale shop here locally~~

~~a great way to store potatoes, cutting boards, liters of soda, etc~~

~~and I'm so tempted to keep this one, but it's going to the booths for resale this week; I don't really have the kitchen space for it.

I'm off to junk shop today (pickin' out of town on the way to do an errand)~~I hope to find some awesome bargains to show off this week. 

Have a great day!  ~patty~

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