Monday, April 23, 2012

Tissue Paper Project ~ Frenchy Words

I'm the last one on the blogger~block to try the tissue paper project.

I love it!  My first try turned out pretty good; but, next time I'm trimming just a bit closer to the image/words before applying onto mod-podge.

Here's my tissue paper, some images with French words and chateau's~~

Here's the images I want to copy onto the tissue paper~~

Using a plain piece of copy paper and taped the tissue around it; leaving about 1/2 inch on sides to tape to the paper; 

After printing out my images on to the tissue sheet~~

I cut out the images I want to use on my white painted wooden lid~~

Using mod-podge as a glue~~gently apply just the tissue portion after cutting out the image being used~~let dry then apply top coat of mod-podge.

I used several layers of the mod-podge (dry between coats) then lightly sanded; added one more coat of mod-podge; this gives the effect of the words "printed" on the wood piece~~

I am so in love with my Keurig Coffee-maker~~this project holds my favorite brand: Donut House coffee!

I bought the storage jar for $1.00 at CC~~with all the intentions to sell at the booth~~but keeping this one for me.  Will show some other projects with this technique later this week~~ 

~~See you at these fabulous parties~~