Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's green and white---

Please allow me to use some older posts: the weatherman has PROMISED sunshine today--I'm still waiting patiently---to take some new pictures for my blog this week. 

I, too, waiting (patiently again) for my gardens to SPRING alive!  Here's my favorite angel in the garden last year--- 

More little greens saved from the garden; hydgrangeas---

Well--I like fake greens too----

Love real vine-y plants---in little containers and vintage planters:

While that "patiently waiting" thing is going on--the little green vines in the house will keep me happy;  do you like tucking in potted plants here and there too?  I move them around like my dishes all the time!

What goes great with white?  ANYTHING!

My one posting of some Irish china:

My lucky thrifting day: 3 old plates (love that green) and a $5.00 plate rack:

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