Friday, March 11, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Today was not a bad hunting-day for vintage--
A little bonus porcelain bunny to match a few Easter blue-checked linen napkins:

A single pillow case embroidered with blue hearts--

Found a gray wooden file box--and more little metal molds:

Love this wooden box--sweet hardware inside still slides to hold index cards:

Cutest little planter; wash tubs---

See the "plastic" ornate wall pitcher?  I know--it's PLASTIC--
but, something about it--(maybe because it was only a dollar!)---it just has some charm to it.  I'll paint it white----
Then a little vintage book "Bridges of Madison County"--yes--seen the movie 2, 3 or 10 times.  Cost:  25 cents.

Embroidery hoop---the hangers were FREE from a friend!

At C.C.--sweet wall lamp for $3.00; loving the milk glass.

Also from C.C.---three old plates W. S. George---50 cents each---

And then later today at the local resale shop--found this wrought iron plate stand for $5.00:

Perfect for my W. S. George plates!

Talk about awesome happenings---I love to collect vintage religious items:
I purchased the picture on Ebay for $12.00 last month--
and a few days later at a local shop I found this tall plaster figure of Madonna for $2.50:
look at how similar they are!  I love them.

I'm joining these fine ladies:


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