Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Old Bricks and Pathways

Between the shed and the pergola--my obsession with old pavers;
farther back to the right and left a great hiding place for garden things not being used at the moment.

I added the trellis in the back for Virginia Creeper vine: a good choice that is not too invasive and will not destroy the fence (like my bad choice of Trumpet Vine a few years ago!).

This was late last fall; not much color left in the garden; here is were I plan to add more pavers to border the edge--big pots of white flowers while waiting for the perennials to take hold:

Lovely old clay pots in big wooden bowl: patiently waiting for the potting shed I don't have-----yet.  My little potting shed has been planned for many months--I can hardly wait for it to materialize!  I need to find some old french doors for one point on entry--has to look old and forever there---

A place to store old bottles and hang up flowers and herbs to dry:
An old table for constructing wreaths--potting plants--making messes.

And finally a place to use this $5.00 bargain rack---can you imagine some tall, old metal bins underneath this--possibly to hold potting soil--or just some old junk buckets--

And the Sweet Annie (in with the pink roses photo) will soon be sprouting up; grows so quickly and bushes out like evergreen trees!  The fragrance is wonderful---I will dry big bundles of these for wreaths in the fall--
If you grow Sweet Annie tell me your thoughts, projects, etc!

I cheated today and used past photos; nothing like a little dreamin' and schemin':  got the clipboard beside me with notes and pictures out of magazines recently--
Going to make a cup of tea and enjoy visiting your blogs; hope you'll share some ideas and your plans for upcoming spring.