Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pinecone Table Runner: Sweet Vignette

I started my Etsy Shop (finally) and listed this sweet trio.  I love pinecones and found a vintage table runner also with needlework in pinecones!  Got the wheels turning and thought this little vignette would be pretty for a fall setting.  Let me know what you think! 

Love this old fluted metal pan!  Perfect to hold a candle (and pinecones).

Ahhh, I'm still loving this time of year. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Husband and I spent about 6 hours at the CLINTON APPLE & PORK FESTIVAL: awesome place; we go every year; tons of bargains!  Next year: we take a trailer!  My goodies arrived home and gathered on the porch (the wicker stuff is mine already). 

This next picture: these folks had a several tarps on the ground "$1.00 pickin's"--just my style; I got to dig and find some really neat stuff!!

What? Trashy you may say??  ummmm--I found silver s&p shakers, rose plate, antique powder container, antique glass cake plate, etc. etc.  LOVE IT!  But--you gotta dig (thats the best part!).


The ~3~ wood trim pieces and the brown suitcase all for $12.00: BARGAIN!

TWO antique folding chairs: $3.00 each.  Love, LOVE 'em.  The vintage "moody" picture is gorgeous in person; that and the rusty can; each $3.00.

My GOAL:  find cheap reasonable ironstone for my personal collection.  That big platter is Meakin Ironstone: my favorite.

LAMPS AND LAMPS!  See that little hobnail teapot?  Antique and for $1.00!!---the lid has a broken petal on the rose motiff--don't care; love it.  AND SEE THOSE PRECIOUS LITTLE COLOGNE BOTTLES?  Got a big baggie of those for $3.00--will look sweet in a bowl. Two cake stands. 
SEE THAT SILVER S&P??---$1.00--got 'em from the "tarp-people" (love that diggin').

More little stuff on the cheap (so inexpensive) side.
Glass bottles, candlestick, old sewing drawer.

But--the best bargain I think I got--is this tall cabinet for $15.00!

I want to make this into a wine cabinet and to hold my wine glasses and crystal stemware.  Will be painting this for sure; adding the shelves.  And will picture it when it's done--that may be awhile!
Lovin' the treasure hunting--and love a bargain; Don't you?  Have a GREAT week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

~1940's Pink Roses~

I wanted to post this for PINK SATURDAY (see other pretty pink things at  Hostess Beverly has a huge following and the ideas/creations/vignettes are awesome).
 ANYWAY:  I will get myself in gear and participate next week! 
This dress form:  I covered a hanging dress form with 1940's vintage fabric; I use this sweet lady to hold my vintage jewelry; sometimes dressed her up with vintage clothing for items I was selling on Ebay.  I will begin to sell similar dress forms on Etsy soon.  MORE DRESS FORMS COMING IN PICTURES HERE.  Hey; thanks for viewing my blog! 

Sweet Bird Print on Paper

I found this picture and printed out a color copy and a black/white: IDEA is to computer file it so I can use transfer paper technique to cloth.  Will update you if it works and will share this photo to anyone who would also like to use it.  Let me know!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Little Spooky Vignette!

HOLD ON---not done yet with these precious things---The little ghosts and black cat are vintage and home-made; bought them for $.25!  Tugs my heartstrings when I see little things like this that someone made with their own hands.  Silver tray for $.50 and painted a short, wood candlestick black----SO THEN:

Washed up those little spooks; epoxy glued tray to candlestick: added my vignette to a larger silver tray (bought last week) and placed some cream/white candles off to the side.  Got to have some color! --so added the pumpkin/berry sprig.  I'm lovin' fall, aren't you?

I do love nesting my home.  Sometimes I just get ideas and have to arrange something different; pull out some plates/platters and start adding; or subtracting.  And changing; forever changing things around here.  I love home.  Aren't we fortunate to have our blogging friends for INSPIRATION when it comes to our NESTS!  Thank you for being here; click above to be my follower--I would love to have you and see what inspires YOU!  God bless your nest.

Looky What I Found! Thursday's Finds:

See that pretty wall cabinet?  The inserts are rusty-metal wire; awesome!  Got this at Catholic Charity for $6.00 and can't wait to paint it white with a touch of glaze---will show you my after pictures soon.  The wood tray has a glass insert; $1.00 and nice, chunky candle holder for $2.00--got these at our local thrift shop.  MORE---but, will picture those later--pretty little things to show you. 

Love, love the metal inserts!  The whole front can come off for easier painting--I like that!  And the bead-board for the backing is a sweet detail too.

The old tray is in great condition; will add a prettier insert under that glass; paint the wood trim piece.  Always can use those chunky candle holders for attaching metal trays---will show you my project completed soon.  Love my projects--I have a ton of them!  Don't you?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Suitcase for Storage

I bought this old suitcase for $7.00 recently; it has initials printed on it MML.  The old quilt I'll be listing on Etsy; its so pretty and handmade many years ago; thought it looked sweet in this picture surrounded by some books and old box of stationary and a travel clock.  Pink bird needlepoint pillow--this old case is great storage for items not being used at the moment. 
Okay; going to bed early; got to hit the junk shops tomorrow to see what finds can be had for just a few pennies!  Got to find a bargain or two to share.  God bless and have a joyous week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

$7.00 Bedside Table

I came home from work one day and found this sitting on the porch; my eyes lit up!  Originally, this little night stand was gray/green/ugly.  But, I knew the potential.  Husband stopped by a junk shop (without me!) and he knew I'd love it.  I added the metal ornate piece to the drawer and painted the whole piece white. 

Okay; going to see what everybody else is up to.  Have a great weekend!

Antique Wall Cabinet: Paint it??

Here's my new little find for $12.00--I would love to paint this white with a little antique glaze.  Would you paint it or not?  I'm sending this over to Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Friday.  Love all the posts todate: lots of pretty items from bloggers with gorgeous ideas and talent!  Thanks for viewing and leave a post!

$1.00 Old Frame: Make A Sweet Nesting Collage

Junk shop find: a pretty little antique frame with no glass.  I used some cardboard to wrap burlap for the background. Stamped some vintage~looking birdie and nest onto cream colored paper.  In my bling~stash, I found an old clip-on earring that reminds me of an egg.  And this is what I do when I can't sleep at night or I get inspired by all my favorite bloggers for ideas. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lotsa Silver Going On Here~

Here's a little bit of my silver stash.  I quickly viewed the gorgeous entries for SILVER SUNDAY over at GYPSY FISH JOURNAL (  I'm sending over this quick entry as we are on the go today, so not much time to play around with a pretty setting.  Can you walk into a junk shop and just be drawn to certain items?  Silver does that to me!  Have a great Sunday and thank you to Gypsy Fish Journal--an awesome site to see.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Burlap Bow Bouquet

Not a real good picture shoot yesterday; we had gloomy weather, but was nice to putter around with this little tablescape in my "redo" room.  (coming along nicely too I might add--daybed will be delivered next Wed. and can't wait to fix'er up and show you--my idea:  White backgrounds with tans/creams/burlap on daybed--lots of pillows)--
Anyway:  The HUGE vintage silver tray came from Spain when my son vacationed there 2 years ago; he told me there was a street  flea market that morning so he ventured out and Mom got lucky with this beauty.  I was so impressed he would think to get this for me!  I use it all the time to tablescape.

Close-up of how pretty the "leftovers" in the garden are.  Thanks for viewing; leave me a post and let me know what you are up to! 
SILVER SUNDAY:  I bought some awesome vintage yesterday afternoon--and I have to show off my Silver Bells (I know its early for that) but, have to share how sweet they are--and some of my other finds.  God Bless and have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Old Silver Tray with Vignette

I love autumn and I love to gather the last of the flowers for drying; tie into bundles to display around the house.  Nothing prettier than dried roses in an old apothecary jar!  I'm going to post more pictures next week. 

Just about the last of the flower garden: I'm sending this pretty bouquet over to Debra's Commonground.  If you haven't seen her blog--you must list her as one to watch!  Debra's blog is filled with wonderment and lovely design ideas.  I truly get inspired by this awesome lady!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Bricks, Pathways, and Favorite Herbs:

Here's my backyard I pictured today; most of the flowers already gone.  I love the serenity of the greens and is a very quiet place to putter around in.  We still need to get a privacy fence up on one side of our property next to the shed---will hopefully get that project done before October gets here.
This concrete cherub was a sweet gift from my husband about 10 years ago; it has beautifully aged with grace!  I can see it from the french doors all year round; as if this angel is guarding our house.

Over to the right of this picture above is my little pergola.  I have a thing for old pavers/bricks: these we got for free years ago and I can't tell you how many times I have used them; moved them.  And I have used them in other little nooks and crannies; little secret pathways/hide-aways.  Love 'em!

The pergola is somewhat "hidden" by this big bush---planned it that way---cause off to the right (you can see in the next picture) is MORE OF MY LOVELY OLD BRICKS---that I used between the big shed and this bush/pergola---sweet, kind of hidden place for me to putter or paint my projects.

Here it is!  Laid these bricks to lead between the two structures just this summer--I love it.  Next year will paint the fence and pergola---that Virginia Creeper on the very back fence/trellis just planted a few months ago--next year if will be a sweet background setting for potted plants in stands.

This curvy spot is at the other end of the shed; where we need to put up the privacy fence this fall--all these plants just put in this spring/summer.  I love the old adriondack chair next to my big pot of herbs.  I can hardly wait til next year when everything fills in.  SEE MY LOVELY BRICKS??  (does it show I am obsessed with old pavers??)

Next picture is my Sweet Annie herb/bush I wrote about in earlier post.  I replanted them late this year so won't get much of harvest from them this year---but, next year will have big beautiful bushes to harvest for all kinds of dried floral/wreaths/swags/outdoor/indoor/baskets--etc.  Smells absolutely DEVINE! 

If you want INSTANT GRATIFICATION WITH PRIVACY or a nice background---Sweet Annie is perfect for that---group them close together and you get a beautiful, graceful (tall) hedge by mid-summer:
This picture my tallest one is only about 5 feet--because I planted so late in summer:

Thanks for viewing part of my little heaven!  Next year will be better---I plan to buy another little shed (my personal potting shed)---and you know--more old bricks to charm things up around here.  I love my projects.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I fell in love with this old porcelain lamp; her colors are
soft grays with beige and touches of "lost" gold.  I want
to do a lampshade in linen to compliment her style!

Bought her for $22.00; my "big purchase" in a local
junk shop. 

Today:  a silver setting with my dried hydrangeas and roses.  Ten years ago I made a sweet
little income by drying flowers and herbs---then time changes things and the "dried flower arrangements" seemed to dwindle down a bit.  I miss those days!  Although lately I have been seeing more uses with pretty dried herbs/flowers---in jars, bottles, bowls and silver items.

 Next year, my plans are to again dry SWEET ANNIE---the most wonderful, versatile plant to use---smells devine.  I will take a picture of the Sweet Annie plants I "let" grow late this year---meaning:  I almost did not let them survive---but, I replanted them and will get a good season from them NEXT YEAR----they can get huge in the flower beds. 
I will take a picture tomorrow!  Big, beautiful sprigs of faded green herb; love to tie burlap around the ends and pile in a basket.  If you haven't seen this beautiful herb---you will love it's appearance right away---sprigs of it in old bottles---autumn decorating/wreaths, etc.:  LOVE the ideas and uses of Sweet Annie!!

HOW CUTE IS THIS??  Picked this up at a little sale going on
at Habitat building---where so many people cast off some neat treasures.  This was a sweet handmade item; little block of wood with a round/circular piece of wood---a clothespin attached to side--was painted white and vintage Christmas paper glued onto each side.  What a cute idea---to hold a recipe--a love-note---postcard---This cost me 25 cents!  Just priceless.