Monday, September 6, 2010


I fell in love with this old porcelain lamp; her colors are
soft grays with beige and touches of "lost" gold.  I want
to do a lampshade in linen to compliment her style!

Bought her for $22.00; my "big purchase" in a local
junk shop. 

Today:  a silver setting with my dried hydrangeas and roses.  Ten years ago I made a sweet
little income by drying flowers and herbs---then time changes things and the "dried flower arrangements" seemed to dwindle down a bit.  I miss those days!  Although lately I have been seeing more uses with pretty dried herbs/flowers---in jars, bottles, bowls and silver items.

 Next year, my plans are to again dry SWEET ANNIE---the most wonderful, versatile plant to use---smells devine.  I will take a picture of the Sweet Annie plants I "let" grow late this year---meaning:  I almost did not let them survive---but, I replanted them and will get a good season from them NEXT YEAR----they can get huge in the flower beds. 
I will take a picture tomorrow!  Big, beautiful sprigs of faded green herb; love to tie burlap around the ends and pile in a basket.  If you haven't seen this beautiful herb---you will love it's appearance right away---sprigs of it in old bottles---autumn decorating/wreaths, etc.:  LOVE the ideas and uses of Sweet Annie!!

HOW CUTE IS THIS??  Picked this up at a little sale going on
at Habitat building---where so many people cast off some neat treasures.  This was a sweet handmade item; little block of wood with a round/circular piece of wood---a clothespin attached to side--was painted white and vintage Christmas paper glued onto each side.  What a cute idea---to hold a recipe--a love-note---postcard---This cost me 25 cents!  Just priceless.