Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ideas for New Year

Not much chatter in my blog today; just photos and thoughts for starting the New Year.  Sharing some photos along with some ideas floating around in my head! 
Love using small stack of old books; using my $1.00 antique gravy boat atop.  Simple, but sweet.

Those "dollar stores" (Everything For $1.00---) bundles of "Emergency Candles"--

Tomorrow's list:  buy more plastic storage boxes--take down Christmas decorations; clean out the big closet downstairs:  ORGANIZE!

I'll take a break later with a cup of favorite tea in a pretty cup/saucer; maybe read a few chapters of a new book from Christmas; maybe just try a new vignette here and there in the house.

Hobby Lobby has the new garden stuff out already!  (had to have the big 'ol blue-bird you see in the cloche)---I think he looks rather vintage and sweet with his cracked glaze and little floral motiff on his chest!  (maybe it's a "she").

Our local thrift shop had this darling handpainted on canvas print ($1.00)---signed "Toot".  This had to come home with me!  It makes me smile-----

It's time!  I'm making lists while I sit here at the computer browsing your blogs; getting ideas for home and garden.  Spring not that far away---gives me time to drink hot tea and dream big!

Drag out the inspiration papers, books, scraps-of-ideas; put in my order for the new Pottery Barn catalog; re-organize my stashes and loot; box up items for charity.  Clean out some spaces.  Buy more junk to fill in spaces.  Oh---I love this life of mine!  I'm sending this post over to Linda's: she's hosting Friday Junkin' Finds:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pink Raspberries for Decorating!

The Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready.  Spending today in the crafting room with some sweet items picked up this morning at our local resale shop; all the Christmas goodies have been well picked over; but, I spied these pretties immediately for future use:

These two little canvas oils for $1.00: ---THE PLAN:  they will pop right out of the frame; I will paint the garish gold a white; add some dark glaze, then return the paintings back in the frames for a more "antique-y look".

Got ~4~ big bundles of these silks with raspberries; each bundle only $1.00.  So pretty in person; and my camera (I need to upgrade soon) does not do them justice. 

These are quality silks; not the cheapy kind---so I was very thrilled to find them; perfect for my vignettes, birdnests, wreaths, etc, etc!

Thank you for letting me share!  I'm sending this over to A la Carte; see Linda's fabulous finds for the week plus more talented bloggers for Friday's Finds:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Santas and Stars

I bought these tree-topper stars for 50 cents; used them in my $4.00 lantern on the porch; in a basket with pinecones. 

And two sweet Japan porcelain santas; another star as a backdrop.  Thank you for stopping by; visit A la Carte for more creative ideas and decorating!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Metal House Terrarium and Christmas Project

This house terrarium I bought at a local antique shop; however--it is not an antique or vintage; I've seen these at Walmart the past year or so.  But--was a sweet bargain and could not pass it up for it's potential.  I may paint it this spring and add my potted plants.

Fun to find little things to display; I can see this in white; but, also like the idea of soft jade green--distress to show the black---more like an antique one I remember seeing.

This week I have to show you my projects for the Christmas tree.  I found some vintage Christmas cards at Catholic Charity; bought some cardinal gift tags at Hobby Lobby; found some vintage white trim/garland; and made "vintage looking" decorations for the tree.  I love how they turned out.
Above is one example--I added dimension with a sprig of sparkle berrie branch (hot glued onto the card)---these really make my tree look pretty.
Oh---those big 'ol bells and snow flakes (Dollar Tree).  AND----found wicker sleighs of all descriptions and sizes at the junk shops.  Very cheap/basic/silver/whites/little touches of red on the tree.  I'm loving it.
Will show my "vintage cards for the tree" later this week. I'm sending this over to Kathleen's for White Wednesday