Monday, July 25, 2011

Rosemary, Sweet Annie & Artemesia~~

Finally~~some nice rain yesterday~~but, it's pretty near the end for my potted plants and some perennials that haven't faired well in the big heat last few weeks~~I don't have the heart to throw them out just yet~~

What always does well in extreme heat~~Sweet Annie

I have bushes of this growing next to the shed~~makes a beautiful "privacy" next to the neighbors.  It reseeds itself every year (sometimes a nuisance because I'm pulling out little sprouts of it during the season; but well worth the little effort; nice freebies for friends~~) Sweet Annie grows fast; makes a beautiful backdrop for other flowers; great to dry for arrangements indoors and out.  It smells devine!

Sweet Annie will be ready for bloom late September~~bundles will be cut, twined at the stems and dried upside down in the shed~~love this stuff!

What I love about Artemesia: the soft gray/white color it adds to the garden.  Also pretty in bouquets for the table.  I plan to add more of it next year.  There are many species of Artemesia; I cannot remember off hand the name of this one. 

Rosemary is another plant that survives the heat pretty well; I have used so much of this fragrant plant in my recipes and flowers for the tables~~this morning cuttings were washed and dried, tied with twine and vignetted!  ~~when they have dried I'll put them in jar for the kitchen.  It smells good in the house with Rosemary!