Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~~~Sshhhhh~~Quiet is Good

                   ~~It's early morning here; got the coffee brewing.  Stole a few quiet moments to snap some pics before starting my to-do-list.  I cut some Artemesia for soft color, simple bouquet.  No flowers needed~~just pretty, pale gray~green in some old porcelain for tables today~~

I escape here to my little office every morning and before bedtime.   You've seen many photos from this area.  The iron daybed is for my two lovely dogs who insist on being with me when I'm in here.  Hence, the collection of many different bed~linens and pillow shams! 

Love old clocks; non~functioning! 

I love, love, love whites with pale tans/taupes:  makes it fun to add any other pops of color when the neutrals are in place.  I'm not really a "pink" person, but I love a few girly~things with depictions of roses now and again.

Coffee's ready.  Wish you were here to discuss with me a new design for my little office space.  I visited a favorite blogger a bit ago who has used grasscloth to one of her wall~space~office; I'm really loving that idea.  It's on the backburner though~~got too many other things to do right now downstairs.  Don't you love having projects?  What's on your list for today? 
 Have a good one!