Thursday, August 2, 2012

File Cabinet Side Table and Photo Wreath

My bad~~didn't get some before pics but in a hurry to restock the booths.  Here's my metal file cabinet a.k.a. side table; painted aqua. 

And~~I bought a set of glass cannisters for $5.00; repainted the lids and wood base white; added gray stenciled numbers; and two metal handles~~

So here's where I messed up~~

I removed the hinged lid top of the filing cabinet: going to make a tray~top from wood that will sit down on top of the metal structure (the idea is to use the top also as a tray and store items beneath it)
~~ HOWEVER~~not being a great carpenter~~my measurements were off just a tiny bit~~dang!

~~so on to "PLAN B"~~

I already restructured this wooden piece into something else (and I think it turned out so sweet~~will post it when I complete it)~~and since I goofed this up for the cabinet top~~having my husband cut more boards for me with "better measurements"~~

I'll post it when I get it all fixed up and corrected!  Now, I'm behind again with more projects related to goof~up!

You know those metal wreaths (found at craft stores)~~

I bought a used one on the very cheap; painted it and some clothes pins~~

Bought some vintage photos from Ebay for my displays at the booth; will use a couple of them on this metal wreath (a.k.a. unique industrial~looking photo holder ;)

Tomorrow will get started on the table~top~tray for the cabinet (have painted the metal rollers for the bottom too~~didn't picture those)~~I think it'll turn out okay; sometimes goofs turn into other projects for a good reason~~

Thanks for peeking in; I'm off to see what you've been up to!