Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old Drying Rack ~ Herb & Flower

Not really old, but made to look that way;

Here's my tray box I originally made to fit over a metal table and it didn't fit; so I made a drying rack/gathering tray.

Added some little hooks for drying herbs and flowers~~
and hardware wire to the back~~

Stencilled every which way on the boards to appear as though box was made of "vintage French boards"~~; )

~~a sweet gathering box/tray~~

Standing on it's side; ready to pretty up the counter or wall drying bundles of oregano, thyme, rosemary~~

~~the aroma is wonderful~~

Here's my small jars awaiting for more dried herbs~~

Lovely in the fall/winter for stews, soups, baked fish/chicken/pork~~

Much cheaper and so much better when you grow your own food~stuff~~

Thanks for stopping by~~have an awesome day!  I'm off to do a little painting on another project.


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