Wednesday, August 13, 2014

French Table, Toile Pillows, Ivy and Rosie

I had this old farm table at my booths for a long time; it originally was just an old white table; we cut down the legs; painted gray and white with gray stripe and a French stencil~~

~~has a little drawer at one end; I modpodged a pretty paper to the inside drawer and added a glass knob~~I'm taking in back to the booths today, although I really like it in this room~~

~~Rosie, our rescue doggie; she loves to be in pictures~~

~~Today, got this nice, big heavy ironstone pitcher for $5.00~~

~~I'm loving these new zippered pillow slips I got from a seller on Ebay recently~~

~~I recently bought new area rugs to update the looks in the rooms a bit and the pillows blend so well~~

There's Ivy not liking being in the picture; she doesn't trust cameras~~also a rescue dog from a shelter~~

~~and this is her room~~she will make anyone get off the loveseat~~it's her's!  She thinks.

Had a good junkin' day; better lighting tomorrow will picture my loot.  Thanks for stopping by; have a Blessed week.  ~Patty~