Thursday, August 7, 2014

Small Junk Day

Little sunshine yesterday, but great day to browse around the junk shops.  I did not disappoint myself at all.

Sweet quilted aqua tray~~

~this is so, so precious; a handmade old paper/cardboard cross with handiwork, vintage ribbon and pretty handpainted  roses~~at the top you can see the small painted depiction of the Bleeding Heart~~

~not seen one of these since my late 1990's shabby chicness days~~I sold a bunch of these like crazy back then;  I got so burned out on pink stuff that I don't buy as much like I used to for resale at my booths: resale for items like this seems to be less desirable right now (at least around here); but, this one so pretty I have it for myself sitting on some books near my computer now~~

Look at this gorgeous woman!  Part of an old hook/door thing; came in a box of lovely junk~~
wanted to show this by itself~~

Great deal on vintage loaf pans; got a project in mind for these~~

Hope you're having sunshine today: rainy again today here, but tomorrow is a promise of sunshine all day and I'm going outside to do something!  Anything~~maybe weed the flower beds.  Maybe not!

Have a great day and many Blessings to you; thanks for stopping by!   ~Patty~