Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good Junk Day!

All this goodness for under $15.00~~which includes "attached" wooden crates in last photo~~

This home~made wooden caddy filled with nails, washers, old wire, etc~~

~~sweet 3~arm wooden towel rack~~I wanted this for an old kitchen island I'm "redesigning" from an old sewing machine cabinet~~

~~$2.00 for the wooden magazine rack; already on the painting tarp with a stencil job on the front panel~~

I only show one of these drawers; but, I got 4 of them!  

~~and 5 wooden crates all attached to each other with screws~~I'll be taking those apart and selling individually~~some I will attach chunky little legs~~

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my junk!  

Have a great day with many Blessings~~~~patty

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