Friday, August 8, 2014

Coleus, Saving Seeds and Garden Plans

Geez; the weatherman got it almost right today; 3rd day in a row of gloom and rain;

~~with a "chance of sunshine by afternoon"~~we'll see about that~~

I've been gathering some seeds/berries/pickings to play with inside~~

~~and my coleus plants look like they've had it~~and I have a question~~

~~below is a coleus I started from a clipping and then planted in a pot; it's indoors in my laundry room;
I remember my Grandmother growing them near the windows inside all year long (and even geraniums); they seemed to thrive very well~~

~~have any of you luck with growing coleus indoors out of season??   I will keep you posted if my little project turns out or not~~

~~and I bought some flowering vines and some perennial packets for next year.   Already planning for a trellis idea for sweetpea or moonflower vines~~

It feels good to have plans for the next year's garden~~

Have a great day.  Blessings,  ~Patty~