Monday, August 4, 2014


Hadn't posted since Easter; having so much to do inside the house and rather be outside; lots to do there too:

Worked up more flower beds; so next year they will look fuller with bit more color;

Trying to stay with perennials; dividing them up to get more for my money; can get pretty pricey at the beginning of the planting season.  I love using vermiculite to root some extras too:

Dried hydrangeas for some bouquets~~

Some of my flowers are already winding down for the season; 
and in this old clay pot, I plopped in a new kind of pepper plant; they are tiny and perfect to pluck, wash, bag, freeze---these are great in casseroles.   Amazing the amount I got from one potted plant this year!

Thanks for stopping by; have a great week.  Blessings;   ~Patty~