Thursday, August 21, 2014

Raspberry Pink and Barkcloth

I'm still having a love affair with barkcloth; especially with darker pinks; vibrant greens~~I still want to make huge throw pillows for the daybed.  I still want a little color with old fashioned roses in my very own room where I create; where I just like to go to be alone sometimes~~

There's just enough pretty blue in this piece of vintage fabric; I'm thinking blue ticking for the back side of pillows~~still thinking~~

Somewhere along the path I had lost touch with prettier fabrics for the roughness~look of burlap and French stripes~~I'm starting to want something a bit different for myself in my own little hide~away~~

Do you sometimes feel that way~~like you just want to be different and change up the style and colors?  I think this lovely, vintage piece of fabric did that to me~~

Have a great and Blessed day.  ~Patty~