Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrift Project Pile

Today I started the project pile~~the pic. below shows all I'm trying to accomplish this week for the shelves at the booths~~

I completed the lamp last night~~(yes~~another stencil project!)~~I tend to get on a roll with certain projects while the "thought" is in my head~~do you do that too?

If you saw the "project pic"~~and you're probably wondering why in the world would this women be doing a project with a corn meal/salt container??

I sell a lot of "little things" on the cheap~cheap and my customers love it~~these will go into the "dollar bin"~~

Makes sweet "shelf~sitters"; cute sitting atop of old books; a place to hold little papers and such~~

Spent some time out in the yard today~~but, more painting of projects tonight.  Tell me what you think of these burlap containers~~corny or what??

Thanks for peeking in~~love to read your thoughts and comments!


Hey; here's a great party~~I'll see you there!