Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thrift Lamp & Burlap Stencil Shade

Why do I put off the simplest of projects??

Bought this wall lamp for under $2.00 last year~~and last night decided to whip up some burlap with stencil for the shade.

Hot glue and no sewing~~my favorite kind of project~~

~~and a paint job on the base of the lamp that took no more than 15 min. for a top coat~let it dry and dry brushed onto the aqua a bit of black paint~~

                                                         ~~and I'm pulling out a pile of projects to speedy myself into getting them completed and out of here into my booths at the shop.  Tomorrow will post my "pile" of befores~~I'm serious about getting my stash down a bit before buying any more stuff.  (you do believe that one, don't you?  ;)

Here's a great party to attend~~hope to see you there!
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