Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Pergola and Old Bricks

This is my little hiding spot.  My "iced tea with lemon" place.

It's just all green right now~~I have NO flowers : ( in bloom and haven't bought my annuals for the pots yet~~

I'm way behind!  Tomorrow will get some potting soil and spend the day picking out my flowers for the pots and iron planters on the shed~~

My old, old wicker.  Looks good back here though~~

The Virginia Creeper has grown fast in just two years~~I dearly love it.  And plan to paint the shed tan to match the new siding on the house~~then add my trellis and Virgina Creeper hopefully by this fall~~

It's so quiet back here~~I just can't wait to escape to my little hiding place~~
And my hostas are doing great this year~~another passion.

Between the little pergola and the shed
another hiding spot for outdoor gardening things (some old chairs to hold pots and my little metal potting table)~~
all tucked in behind these two structures~~~~

A sweet little place to hide a barrel of potting soil, clay pots, the wheelbarrows, etc.~~

I truly believe I have more bricks/pavers in my backyard than all my neighbors put together:  I even have them laid behind the shed so I won't have to mow there!  Love old bricks and pavers~~don't you?

Thanks for letting me share my little space!


Sharing my garden spot here (you should too)~~