Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vintage Tool Box and Old Frames

Where I have my booths for resale of junk goodness/vintage adored~~another vendor was selling this adorable grain sack "Feed the Children of the World" which has been framed~~maybe it belonged to someone who participated in this cause~~

anyhow; it came home with me and sits on my bookshelf.

At a local junk store; these three frames/prints were very cheap in price.  I'm keeping Jesus with the lambs for my personal collection~~

The gold frame I will paint~~not so sure about the peace-pipe depiction; but removing it from it's frame.  Old frames sell pretty fast for me; lucky to nab onto some fabulous looking ones recently for just a few dollars each!

~~this big tool caddy was $5.00~~I can see potential with this painted;  a nice piece to put on the porch for seasonal decorations:  pumpkins and leaves.  Winter time:  holly berry branches, yew branches with a sprinkle of white lights.

~It's very "fall-ish" here today; so somber and quiet; I notice some leaves on the trees starting to turn just a bit in color; already!  

Have a great day with many Blessings!  ~patty~