Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bargain Days

Above:  This week I was on the search for items to put in my little booth at the antique mall.   Found some sweet china~~(the quilted shams are discounts from Target~~they are for my daybed~~love those colors and the birdies on them!)

Catholic Charity had some cute items this week:  I already had the red sugar pour (Is that what it is??)~~so I wanted to add these crocheted items together on a shelf at my booth:
The huge metal industrial type tray~~perfect for garden pots~~$1.00

The yellow shams for $1.00 each; look brand new~~I'm keeping these for display purposes on the daybed~~in my little office/junk~room/photo shootin' room~~I have a "thing" for pillow shams and love to change them out when doing my blog.

Yellow antique bowl for 50 cents~~
All the lovely glass~ware: 10 cents each at our local Habitat Resale Shop bought this Tuesday:

And the blue books for 25 cents each~~that old saying isn't true anymore; "Can't judge a book by it's cover"~~well, at least in blogland you can!

I'm on a tight budget for awhile~~so I am limiting my junkin' spending money to $20.00 this week and still had some cash leftover (I'll use it next week I'm sure);
And I didn't picture everything today~~will save some for posting tomorrow~~
Going to start some dinner then have a cup of hot tea and see what you're up to!