Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wooden Drawer

I don't know how much more rain we can take.  We are more fortunate than some~~so really I should not complain.  Just let me whine a little~~I'm tired of mud puddles~~we should be getting some sunshine Thursday and Friday!  I'll be outside trimming hedges.

I recently found these adorable vintage~like placemats set of four; all for $1.25.  Pretty with white ironstone.

When it rains~~I just vignette a little.  I love this drawer (it belongs to a little bedside table); today it houses some old bottles and a rooting of a philo~houseplant.  You know I love houseplants~~good feng shui!

I've been painting my dining room and preparing the walls for the new wallcover on top half of walls: background is pale tan/beige with white leaves.  Contrasted lower half with existing chair~rail and beadboard looking wallpaper.  Have you heard about it??  I got my info from other bloggers and it truly is beautiful stuff
 (and paintable!)~~~I will get photos as I can to show you~~

Above: my wallcover~~I'm thinking it will look good with all my whites in the dining room.  When will it be done?  ~~ I'm slow, but I'll get there and picture my progress soon.

And I need to paint the ceilings, get a new chandelier over the dining table~~one project seems to bring on several more~~does that happen to you?  Have a great day and if you are having sunshine please enjoy!  Smiles and hugs~~~~~

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