Saturday, July 16, 2011

~~Inspiring Books

~~"Change your thoughts and you change your world."  (Norman Vincent Peale)

I read a lot of books.  Most are inspirational, motivational, spiritual.   This posting will not be everyone's "cup of tea"~~that's okay too.

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer, who has over the last five years transformed me into (what I think and feel) a better person.  I'm more confident.  Happiness comes easier because I have learned to cope, meditate, pray and give. 

Though I blog about trivial things at times, my whole life seemed upside down for so long (at one time); and if you, too, sometimes feel "somethin' just ain't right"~~read these books. 

A new perspective on how to view what is happening around you, being positive, giving with your heart~~just some of the things that will turn it all around for you.  Sometimes negative people are in your life~~amazing how one person's attitude can effect your day. 
 I've learned that life is TOO SHORT to stay connected or around those who view me as "insignificant".
  So~~just go the other way~~there's so much love and support out there!  Laugh with the angels;  they are with you constantly; and if you need some help, feel overwhelmed; take a break and ASK for guidance.  You'll get it.  (and don't forget to ask for a sign)~~

You can have what you want.  Believing is the key and knowing God wants you to have whatever it is you need~~even if it's just the little things; trivial stuff~~no matter what.  You are here to live a good life and do for others as well as for yourself~~taking care of YOU is important too! 

My vintage bookcase is full of these kinds of books and I'll bookmark, re-read them and bless the authors that turned my attitude around.  (I still have those "moments"~~you have to know when and how to change your thoughts into positive thoughts~~it works!).

Have your dreams and your goals~~everybody needs them!  Start a vision board (another topic I dearly love and believe in)~~view it everyday and watch your goals and dreams start to appear.  May seem like small steps at a time~~it will happen for you.  Someday, I'll tell you about my vision board I started five years ago and how most of it has come to be real~~another topic, another day!  (I still do a vision board to this day)


Have a great, inspiring weekend!