Friday, July 15, 2011

Under Budget!

Thrilled to get away from the sawdust, pounding, cleaning, moving/shifting furniture, etc~~to find a few bargains for really a few pennies!  Here's my favorite bargain bought just today:

This is just the mirror only (to a vintage dresser) originally $5.00~~today 1/2 off at our local Habitat Resale shop~~$2.50!

Before grocery shopping (my dreaded chore); popped into CC and found these treasures below~~
Wicker chairs for potted plants/vignettes~~spray painting these maybe black or green in the future~~a metal reticulated mirror/tray for $1.00, and six woven placemats $3.00~~

So, I had to vignette these sweet chairs real quick before the sun went down~~got all three for $1.25.   (and promising to get groceries and not over spend on thrifting today~~)

~25 cents for the sweet clothes~pin card holder~  and the folding ruler/yardstick for 50 cents~~ 

This wooden old frame with wire back for 25 cents~~

Two frosted~glass vintage lamps: $6.00 for the pair~~

And here's my loot from Resale shop a few days ago: Very old large white ironstone pitcher ($2.00); a porcelain/wooden coffee grinder that still functions ($1.00);  little glass jar with bale wire (50 cents) and four pale green linen napkins ($1.00);
 LOVE that wooden lazy susan (I have now found three of these charmers!)~~only 50 cents; poor old silver (not real silver) server for 10 cents.   Most of my goodies will end up at my booth for resale (except the lazy susan~~plans are to paint in black; use in kitchen cabinets)~~~

So I came home with several goodies (and real groceries) and hardly spent a thing!  Under budget and a few pennies left over for next week's thriftin' day.  What kind of stuff did you luck out with this week?  I'm going to check out these parties~~hope you're there!


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