Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Where's my baseboards, crown moulding, the rest of the chair railing?  Oh, it's here~~just having the patience to wait~~it's not in me this morning!  Lowe's delivered the window and door headers for the new siding last Friday.  The contractor hasn't called back yet for a "start" date.  I'm getting more impatient.  ARRRGG~~

Yes, still "loving" my makeshift curtain while trying to finish the little things in the dining area~~
Kind of organic~~poor rustic~~

My night~time~can't sleep~project:

bought some hanging plastic mannequins on the cheap~cheap~~
After layering with batting and "antique" the hook, I've started the sewing portion.  She will have a flirty~ muslin~ruffle with just a side view of the navy ticking: her lovely chest area will show off that feedsack crown. 

  She will become a rustic, French Queen indeed!