Saturday, July 23, 2011

Iced Tea~~

My old wicker rocker is strategically placed~~in the corner of the porch~~nice to sit in the evenings when it's cooler~~love hearing the flag flap~~we have these on every corner of the boulevard street lights until after Labor Day~~I'm ready for a tall glass of iced tea~~

Keeping water for the feathered friends too~~soooo hot this week.
Most of my potted plants have already withered; the potted petunias are looking stressed; even though I keep them watered during this hot streak we're having.

Still at the projects; slowly chipping away at the to-do-list:

Walmart seagrass baskets for $7.00 each; my added to-do-list~~these will be on the bottom selves of my 1970's china cabinet I painted black (now thinking of painting white)~~

NOT a good picture today in this room~~but, I intend to take off the two bottom doors and the shelves inside will fit each basket perfectly!  What do you think about painting this cabinet white (and I am also stripping off that ugly "gold" filigree on the glass doors--totally ugh!)~~but, I love this cabinet; it's huge and fits this space perfectly by the stairs.

I'm still living in a total mess right now~~My dining room corner cabinet is sitting where is is not supposed to be of course until we get the room completed~~then there's the rest of the story~~my dining room table doesn't belong in this room either~~but, hopefully by next week~~