Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little White Christmas Tree & Coffee

Used some old sheet music for cones; my vintage glass dessert holder for a candle.  The little white Christmas tree needed a "coffee treatment" which gave it that vintage look--I love how it turned out!

The tree came in a plastic tube (Hobby Lobby--half price week); Michels probably sells similar.  Anyway:  you take out the tree from the plastic tube and pull down the little branches.  WAY TOO WHITE for me; didn't quite like the look of it at first---

THEN--decided a coffee treatment would provide a vintage appeal.  Leftover cold coffee--poured over--shake and let dry.  Turned out really pretty!  Not too bad for $2.50--added the tree to a white ceramic pot.
I'm sending this over to Faded Charms for White Wednesday; thank you Kathleen for hosting!