Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dried Hydrangeas: Misted White~Tipped

Was outside spray-painting some projects:   and had this whim to try lightly misting some dried hydrangeas with just a bit of white paint.  This little cluster turned out pretty.  Just barely let the spray paint fall on the petals.  I love the "frosted" look of it.

Did I tell you I like to dry flowers/herbs from the garden?  And roses~~they look beautiful in apothecary jars; baskets, etc.  Yellow and white roses will dry and look "aged and vintage"; pretty for your vignettes!  I love to place them in white bowls/platters with candles too.  Don't pitch those roses too soon! 
Twine the stems; hang upside down to dry.

Here's some of my weekly JUNK FINDS!

Got all three on the cheap; will not be selling the reticulated brown floral tray; WHY you may ask?--well, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is paint chippy/well worn:  it is because I love the muted creams/tans/browns and I LOVE the chippy-ness of it. 

 So it will be in my china cabinet with my white ironstone collection.  Romantically shabby!

I bought this pedestal, old silver/tarnished tray for $2.50 at Salvation Army.  It's heavy!  Perfect for candles and other displays.  Love the grape-cluster relief pattern on it.

Got to get started on my projects--but, first going to see what you posted today!  Have a great weekend.