Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cookie Tins and Candleholder Project

You can find cookie tins cheap anywhere; and wood candleholders.  I spray painted my tins and candleholders white; added my sheet music with MOD PODGE.  Select a wood candle holder appropriate for the size of your metal container.  For this one; I used a chunky type wood candle holder; filled in the top with ROCK HARD so I could screw the tin to the wood holder.

I used a little WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE purchased from Hobby Lobby.  (cheap 1/2 price week; tree-in-a-tube).  Then made cones from old sheet music.  MOD PODGE around the inside and outer edges with mod podge and sprinkle on WHITE GLITTER. 
I had some vintage religious little cards I used hole punch to; also used bit of glitter for more sparkle around the cards edges.  A clip-on pearl earring for the top of the tree!

This little tin looked sweet with a smaller candlestick.  Could fill with shells, ornaments, dried roses, use a chunky candle, etc. etc.  Love this easy project! 
Yesterday was Friday (my junk-shoppin' day); I will post my lovely finds next week. 
 Here's just some of the items I will post: antique jar/zinc lid filled with WHITE BUTTONS!  Antique doll cradle; (already white, chippy/adorable), SQUARE JAR--filled with idea for Autumn display; and metal/silver items you will LOVE.  Most will be listed for Etsy.  Have a great weekend; see you Monday!