Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet Things

A good week for treasure hunting; most of the items in this post will be in my Etsy Shop.  I'm going for a "grouping theme";  to start down-sizing my hoarding!  It takes me forever to picture/edit/list---so I've decided to offer bargains with multiples of similar items. It will save me time and who doesn't like BARGAINS!!

Yep; more sheet music!  Decided to do some little packages with sheer bows and old buttons.  5 old bottles will be listed as a group BARGAIN.

Found this sweet ceramic sleigh (was an ugly green); so pretty with some soft white spray paint.

Close-up of pretty bottles with "vintage packages"; love the scrolly stamp on top.
Okay; no more talkin--just pics of some stuff I will list.  Visit me again soon; I love your comments and thoughts!