Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cart Before the Horse~~Rug Love

Yes, I am known to get way ahead of myself while doing a major project.  And I have hundreds of projects in the back of my mind~~that's the part that keeps me excited about my "domestication~nesting~ideas"~~~I have finished these two projects:

Here's the "before" little stool and the chair:

Added the iron scrolly piece to front side of wooden stool~~
(and please notice I also finished painting that little pergola in the background! see~~I can get through my projects~~eventually)~~

And using up some stashed~away vintage '40's fabric for the upholstered seat to my $3.00 chair~~

So, I'm keeping the wooden stool for myself~~taking the chair to my booth.  I'm thinking of pricing about $20.00~~do you think that is fair price?  This chair is in excellent condition~

And here's that "cart before the horse" story~~

Got this rug for a great deal from Lowe's~~not finished with the wallpaper til Monday~~then do the bottom half with "beadboard" wall paper~~that will take me a few days.  But, here's my rug and I love it!

Will post later in week as I progress~~everyday it's lookin' better in this room~~my biggest thrill is the baseboard and transom/trimwork to the doorways~~I can hardly wait! (doesn't take much to excite me;)

Ice tea with lemon, tall glass, walking around the backyard and loving my hostas; this big one is flowering pretty lavender spikes. 

Hey; get some projects going!  Well, least you sit back and dream about what you want to do~~that's how I'm going to do it today~~I'll hit the bricks tomorrow (rather the wallpapering).