Friday, July 19, 2013

More Metal Chairs and Porch Painting

It's way too hot today to do this; but later this afternoon will start painting the new railings white.  Then I've decided to go with a darker brown on the porch deck/floor; darker than the siding;  it's a tan color also--needs more of a contrast and paw prints won't show up as bad!

I love hearing the Flag flap in the gentle breeze today; and there isn't much of a breeze~~

I've again been asked where I get my stencils: these are sometimes a combination of different stencil designs;  look on Etsy and Ebay  under French stencil, number stencil, alphabet stencil;  one of my favorite vendors is ArtisticStencils (sells on Etsy)~~
Here's another few metal chairs vamped up for resale at the booths; they sell quickly~~
this one I popped off the seat and added pale aqua fabric with matching paint stencil "NO. 7"~~

The other metal chair has a pretty wooden seat; and needed just a stencil or two~~

I'm tellin' ya; there's a lot of railings to be painting today~~
this may take awhile~~and a lot of breaks~~

Hope your weekend is a great one and many Blessings for you!
Sending my post to this lovely party:
Little Homestead on the Hill