Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feed~Sack Mannequin

~~~This was a sweet project that involved little time, little sewing and lots of hot~glue.  I love how she turned out.  I'm using this at my booth to display jewelry and/or vintage aprons~~~

Here are my fabrics and plastic form~~

I used a thin sheet of (the pink stuff) housing insulation and drew my outline of the form onto it~~

Hotglue the form onto the backing; I used a wide trim piece to adhere with hotglue to seam the two parts together~~then using batting and covered front and back.  Now~~ready to cut out my pattern right onto the front and the back~~

 Sewing a dart seam to the ticking fabric; and I liked the idea to stitch the ruffle onto the feedstack for a "tailored~look".  (can a feedsack look tailored???)~~

The hook added before starting the project (comes with the forms~~you can buy the plastic forms off of ebay for about $18.00 -- $20.00 for a set of three; not too bad a price really)~~or check around the resale shops. 

I added roses to the bottom of hook with the left~over feedsack fabric and stitched a band to go around her neck (that "tailored look" again~~;-)

Going to join these parties this week; check out all the inspiration found here and thank you to the hostesses!

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