Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Habitat Resale Shopping~~

               ~~Tuesday at the Habitat Shop was awesome~~I'm posting just a quick snippet of my lucky finds early this morning; will post remainder for Friday's Bloggin' Parties~~Let me say first~~I don't hoard ALL this stuff (I buy cheap; paint it, fix it, and sell it).  Although, I might be inclined to keep around a few favorite pieces for awhile.

I spied the metal basket for 50 cents on entering the first isle; a huge roll of this awesome jute webbing (thin enough to sew onto fabrics) and only $3.00

Below: putting some thoughts together for fabric inspiration~~

And~~my $1.00 old suitcase.  I love this thing. 

What I didn't buy (and may go back to get them if still there) an antique birdcage for $5.00; three old metal type~writer tables for $2.00 each (like a fool I only bought one~~$2.00 each!!) I'll post mine on Friday with my other bargains.

Time for coffee~~be back to see what you've been up to; have a great day.