Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Make a Dress Form on the Cheap

Here's a quick way to do a dressform; ideal for booths to display vintage clothing; I use mine to sell blue~jean jackets;  

But, everyone wants to buy the dressform too!  Using a basic plastic form (has the hollow back) and modpodged different papers onto the front;  use an old floor lamp as the base and attach with screw type finial~~

The burlap ribbon helps to secure the body so it doesn't move/flop side to side~~

You can buy the dressforms online or through ebay sellers~~

What do you think?  Great idea to boost your sales for clothing and would be fabulous covered with just plain burlap, printed cloth, chalkboard paint!  I find those old floor lamps everywhere on the cheap; keep your eye open for those.  Have a great week!   ~patty~