Monday, January 6, 2014

Old Pickle Jar Projects

It's been awhile!  Been doing a lot of projects and having GRANDBABIES!   There is nothing in this world greater than being a wife and mom and then comes those darling, sweet grandchildren.  I cry sweet, happy tears~~~I've waited and waited and waited.  Thanks Kids!

Been fluffing a few new pillows here and there~~

Found these awesome napkins from H&M and thought of a cute kitchen project using the napkin as a pattern~~

What is so unique about these napkins is that each four corners have the same printed design!  I copied onto paper from my printer and cut on the portion I wanted;  mod~podged to some old pickle and jam jars~~

~~added little red handles from left over trim and wired around the jar with some twine (held in place very securely with a bit of hot glue); 

I'll just call them my Kitchen Utility Jars:  will look cute holding silverware, wooden utensils, etc.
Lots of cold here today and way too much snow~~
Hope you're keeping warm and the projects going!
Thanks for being here~~Blessings,