Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Frog Tape and an Old Leather Suitcase

I'm probably the last person in blog~land to use Frog Tape.  I'm really impressed with it's ability to give clean lines (even when I rearranged the tape several times before painting)~~

I'm going to try this on fabric also~~it's a bit more expensive than regular painters tape, but well worth the results~~

~~got a new stencil to show off onto this old leather suitcase~~

~~just a bit more distressing to do (after getting the "clean lines")~~
gotta make it look more vintage because the stripes look too new (well, they are of course)~~

Have you tried this tape on fabric and how did it stand up to the job for you?
Hope you're making it a great week~~thanks for stopping by and wishing you many blessings!
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