Friday, January 27, 2012


I bought these fabrics for pillows (just temporarily wrapped around existing pillows to give myself an idea if I like these patterns together)~~

I think the chevron pattern updates my family room~~and the floral has enough taupe/browns that match the mocha color chenille of the sofa/chair~~

I've also bought a large bolt of the damask pattern with pretty bird (it's a large pattern)~~this I'm making into curtain panels for the big window~~

The larger print helps balance out the high ceilings; even though all my rooms in this old house are boxy~~still gives an open feeling with larger door openings into each room~~I have to keep the fabrics within the same tones and color contrasting~~due to the fact you can view one room into the next. 

I'm having a hard time deciding fabrics to use at the windows and not be too repetitous with the same patterns~~

~in the background you'll see a "long crack" in the old door~~another fixing to do~~love these old panel~type doors; one on each side of the room.  My husband thought we should take them down, but I love how they flank the doorway; it defines this area into the next~~

As I get more confident in my room progress I will post more pictures~~so much to do yet. 

~Have a great weekend~