Wednesday, January 18, 2012


"Are we there yet?"~~~no.  But, getting a little closer; inch by inch.  Ugh~~taking forever!  The medallion painted and up; chandie up (but not connected yet).  At least it's hangin'.  Don't love the shades~~those will be replaced for sure.  All in all~~I really love this $64.00 chandelier.  The price was right, the style perfect for my room and I can paint it if I decide the color isn't working for me~~

Random photos~~leftover white roses dried so pretty~~saving them for an apothecary jar~~

And my next little project:  a $3.00 wall lamp to paint and make~over the shade~~

I love vintage lamps.  ~~and they sell very well at the shop booth.

A vintage postcard that seems to cover all the upcoming events: Valentine's~~a little St. Pat's and Easter too.

So, tomorrow working on "that" room again with the chandie.  I really can't wait to post my results.  That may be a rather long time at the rate we're going.