Thursday, August 25, 2011

$4.00 Autumn

Queen of Cheapo~~today is half price at the local resale shop; of course I can't miss out on potential bargains (I was not going to indulge this week, but after seeing all the wonderful things you've shown on your blogs~~well, it's your fault. HA!)~~love, love the inspiration I get from your homes and decorating tips!

Anyhow~~I'm only showing the $2.00 worth of my goodies~~

Brought home these pretty fall~silks with acorns, berries, pine~cones for my ugly shelf: I have not refinished this section of the house yet~~this huge built~in shelf is what you see when you first enter in the front door~~I have plans to use wider, trims/moldings eventually.

Pulled out the apothecary jars for added interest~~you've seen my one jar filled with dried roses probably a gazillion times~~I love it for vignettes for autumn.  And clipped some berry twigs off the crab~apple tree for another jar.  Natural colored nuts/hulls in yet another~~

I don't like much clutter on my shelves~~but, added the ceramic pumpkin for a little extra color~~

See that darling frame with all those gorgeous people?  Who are they??  ~~~I bought the frame recently from Hobby Lobby to add "updated" black and white photos of my own gorgeous family soon!

Will share my other $2.00 worth of goodies later this weekend~~got to go paint a door right now after having this nice break for the day.  Are you starting to drag out the fall deco's too? 

Sharing my thoughts here this week: