Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~~Hedge Apples for Decorating~~

~~Had to post this simple nature thing; a hedge apple!  Love the green color.  Early this morning walking the dogs at the park and found several on the ground; the trees that line the pond are loaded this year~~

Old glass cake stand holds a morning vignette; mixed beans in bale jar for a little candle~~makes a nice late summer look on the table this morning.

Crown molding not up yet around the dining room ceiling.  Decided to paint my "gold" chandelier (thank you to a sweet suggestion from a fellow~blogger)and plan to use a few paint mixtures for darking that gold color.  I thought of white; but, liking the thought of darker brown/bronze/black on the chandelier with white shades;  I have a lot of white in this room.  And~~making my white curtains from heavy, white sheets!  (yep--sheets)


I'm using the dark colored, thicker rods and loving the match~stick blinds.  I may border the inside panel of each curtain with a 3 to 4 inch tan/beige fabric.  These windows are floor to ceiling sized, narrow;   another reason why 100% white cotton sheets appealed!  My old farm~house at the edge of town~~a constant love of work and remodel.

I also want to take off the hardware to the cabinet doors; strip the paint off the hinges and use spray paint to darken them to almost black/brown.  I don't know when that will happen~~but, it's a plan.

Have a beautiful day~~