Monday, August 15, 2011

Pre~Autumn Thinking~~

~~Just about everyone is feeling it.  I love fall time; it's my favorite season and I'm pulling out/putting up the summery stuff; getting excited to decorate with pumpkins and autumn leaves~~

I've been moving things around and feeling "lame" with my bookshelf downstairs~~still tweaking it until I add some autumn elements.  My favorite prints will stay along with the wooden chest/boxes:

These two prints were bought separately; I didn't realize they were both (vintage reproductions) of Anton Mauve, Dutch realist painter.  I was so intrigued by his style~~researched on the internet about him.  He was married to the cousin of Vincent van Gogh~~there is an interesting story behind that.

This print I cannot find an antique frame to fit; it is an unusual size, so I'm taking it Hobby Lobby and have them frame it for me.  HL has an amazing selection of framing materials~~

My sister gave me this little print many years ago; she found an antique greeting card and had it framed for me.  I love the muted colors; adorable kittens in that green basket.

Tomorrow another project day; painting more trim work and want to work on my bargain end~table; maybe sew the curtains for the dining room.  Are you ready for fall decorating too?


  1. Noooo, I'm not ready for fall decor yet. Want to stretch summer out as long as possible. Maybe one reason for this is that winters in New England are soooooo long.

    Loved your prints. So pretty. Susan

  2. I love the farm animal prints!! It's funning how your eye went to the same thing at different times. I love it when that happens..
    Enjoy your day~SueBee

  3. the prints are great! happy days ahead getting ready for fall!

  4. I love those Anton Mauve prints! I am getting in a Fall mood too. Looking to my blogging friends for some inspiration.~Ames

  5. Yes!!!!! My favorite season. It's just too short, which is annoying. There is definately a hint in the air and that's all I need.
    I don't know why people think it's an is so the beginning of nesting and rejuvination!