Monday, July 15, 2013

Vintage Metal Folding Chairs

Last week I was lucky enough to hit the ReStore here in town when they were having "all metal items 60% off'"~~ and I bought these "lovely" tan colored metal folding chairs for under 1.50 each:

I like the tanish paint finish on the chairs; so leaving that alone with the "natural distressed finish";  I unscrewed the seats and recovered with a pretty twill fabric~~

~~and stenciled on some Frenchy ~ looking numbers~~


Tomorrow, off to the booths they shall go!

I was asked where I bought the French No. stencil:  I buy most of my stencils from different Ebay and Etsy sellers~~there are hundreds to choose from for all your creative ideas: wood boxes, furniture, jars, papers, fabrics, boards~~~endless possibilities! 
Today, got this little "beauty" for $15.00~~oh, I fell in love with her right away.  She has such pretty potential after those gold pulls come off, scraped and repainted~~I can't wait to get her lookin' good!

Got any projects you're really excited about right now?  I can hardly contain myself when I get going; too many ideas poppin' in and out of this bean of mine! 
Have a great week with many Blessings!
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